Write Sex: Tralala

Tralala, in your snatch fits pleasure, broom-shaped pleasure …

This is alt-J‘s 2012 song Fitzpleasure, inspired by Last Exit to Brooklyn, Hubert Selby Jr’s 1964 novel.

These are images from Uli Edel’s 1989 film adaptation.

Read Tralala’s chapter here: Part IV Tralala

Write Sexercise: Write a religious sermon on any aspect of these three representations of a life. Or write a prayer. Take 50 minutes, no more no less. Before you start writing, imagine your finished piece of work. What does your sermon or prayer feel like? How big is it? Is it dense or empty? Is it loud or breezy? Is it heavy? Can you hold it? How? Does it roar across the sky like a storm? What would you like your reader’s body to feel like while they’re reading? What would you like them never to forget when they’ve read the last line and resting in the blank? Now write.


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