Write Sex: You Have to Find a Way

Melt. ‘I have to find a way to show you that I am yours and have no wish apart from yours, and the thought caused my body to find a way, which later on we made a name for. We called it melting.’ (Isabel Miller, Patience and Sarah, Large Country, First Continent, Glorious Age)

Hair. The glorious fleece covering legs, arms, armpits, pubes, and the face is called hair. Some admire the design it forms. Some admire the colour of the hairs, their consistency or their length. Some admire the way it divides the body. For numerous companion lovers the most admired are those who have vigorous and black hair. They cut their hair in order to have it grow stronger and thicker.

Long Live Gomorrha. Morning greeting of the companion lovers in the Glorious Age. When a companion lover meets another in the morning, she greets her by saying, ‘Long live Gomorrha.’ The reply is, ‘Thank you, you too.’

sande zei and monique wittig

Torpor. Torpor is a state of idleness widely practiced by companion lovers. One lets herself hang in a tree sack or she swings in an egg for idleness until torpid. It seems that in this state all kinds of colours, of dreams, of shapes, of visions are perceived without the intervention of any drug. Some arboreal colonies of companion lovers experience a very profound type of torpor. ‘They reach torpor and hardly hold onto the trees, either by a hand or a leg. But a finger is sufficient. Sometimes one or another is seen falling on the ground all curled up in a ball. But she does not hurt herself even when she comes from the top of the tree.’ (Sseu Tchouan, The Book of Idleness, China, Glorious Age.)

Cyprine. Secretion produced by the companion lovers when they are in a state of love. Therefore, it is also called the ‘love secretion.’

Cyprinery. Place where the cyprine harvesters gather to taste and compare the different kinds of perfumes collected. N on is unaware that cyprine is different in taste depending upon the climate where it is produced and the diet of its producer.

From Lesbian Peoples: Materials for a Dictionary, by Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig

With wit and verbal magic, these two amazing women present a fascinating fictional world where women are the sole inhabitants, weaving words and wonders of their own. Their delightful dictionary redefines selected historical and mythical persons, places, countries, flowers and animals, and celebrates the primitive, cerebral, exotic and sexual capacities of women.

Writing Sexercise: With with and verbal magic, define the words in the lists you made in Her Little Jewel Box. Choose 20. If you don’t have 20, make the rest up. What would you like each word to mean in your delightful dictionary? Think about how each word relates to the other. Think about how these words and the meanings you give them make the fascinating world you want to write.

They say that there is no reality before it has been given shape by words rules regulations. They say that in what concerns them everything has to be remade starting from basic principles. They say that in the first place the vocabulary of every language is to be examined, modified, turned upside down, that every word must be screened.
From Les Guerilleres by Monique Wittig


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