Opening Studio: Disturbing Immersions

Disturbing Immersions is a two-day studio for experienced writers who want to hone and extend their skills. Writers in any prose forms will benefit from it: novelists, short story writers, journalists, bloggers, memoirists, essayists, copywriters and others. Poets will also find it useful, as will dramatists and scriptwriters. You needn’t be published to be experienced, but you do need to have been writing for some time.

21 and 22 November 2015 at Her Majesteas Salon, Heidelberg, Gauteng

Day 1 is an intensive and intense writing immersion in a series of exercises designed to challenge your imaginative and technical habits. The profound, hilarious and mysterious truth of your creativity will become more accessible to you, and you will increase your literary inventiveness. Day 2 is slow, designed for integrating the creative disturbances Day 1 will have brought you.

We will have exclusive use of one of the private salons at Her Majesteas Salon, and access to the restaurant, small salon, courtyard and gardens. Heidelberg is an easy one-hour drive on the N3 from Johannesburg. You may decide to stay over on Saturday night in one of Heidelberg’s many guesthouses, or drive in and out. We will be working from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, and from 10am to 3pm on Sunday.

The studio fee for Disturbing Immersions is R2,700. Expect to pay around R50 in addition for a superlative pot of tea or coffee and a slice of gorgeous cake, and around R100 for Her Majesteas’ excellent breakfasts and lunches, a la carte or from the buffet.

Contact me on for more information and to book.


2 thoughts on “Opening Studio: Disturbing Immersions

    1. Thanks Mikhail, and good to meet you. We offer online studios. And maybe one day Highveld will come down to the Green Heart. We dream about a studio on the train, and the hills, and the harbour.


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